Tuesday, August 2, 2011

So since time has flown by I thought a quick little catch up would be a great idea! HAHA! Those of you that know me well... know that I live my life through pictures memories. I can almost tell you when every picture was taken... ! Sad but true...!! Since my Grandad still stays on my mind at almost all times... and because he was an amazing man that taught me so many lessons I am going to share this blog through memories of him and lessons learned from him. So hang on here we go....

Sports were always VERY important in the Lang house and the AGGIE women Winning a National Championship in Basketball would not have been any different. What a FUN NIGHT!
Well next we must mention Christmas in MAY with the Brew Crew... this included Christmas songs, lights on the ficus tree, Stockings (aka Mike's dress socks) hanging from the mantle, hot chocolate, dogs dressed as Santa Claus and of course baking cookies. If you know Dana and myself.... the fun doesn't necessarily have to make sense and this was proof. We all dressed appropriately in Christmas Jammies/Robes and cranked the AC. My Grandad would have loved this... and would have been right in the middle of it! He LOVED TO LAUGH!! His laugh was from his toes and so genuine!
Check out those Jammies and who needs Christmas cookie cutters when you have high heels!

So May also brought a HUGE job change! My dreams came true when I made the move to Betenbough Homes! Now I can easily say that ALOT of my personality and LOVING to talk to people comes straight from my mom and Grandad! So I know he would be SOOOO proud of me!

So when I started with Betenbough Homes they have a program called Betenbough University. In this program you spend time with each area or person in the company and learn exactly what they do. I absolutely loved it because I got to meet everyone and learn about them. So... most of the Lubbock sales team had not earned their degree from BU... and I certainly did not want to graduate by myself. Four of us from Sales all graduated together... Class of 7-11 (July 2011). Casey Brewer awarded me my diploma and it now proudly hangs with my A&M Diploma! My grandad was soooo proud of me when I graduated from TAMU and I know he would have felt exactly the same on this day. My Mimi and Kimmie were there the morning that I graduated and I know we were each thinking the same thing. It seems cheesy ... but Grandad celebrated the Large and small moments in life.

So with all the hard times in our lives lately we have been around our family ALOT which I love. It makes me feel like Grandad is so close. Below is my Cousin (BROTHER really) Kyle and his precious wife Morgan.

Here I am with the younger generation of grandkids. My GRANDAD loved kids. You know many say that as they get sicker elderly people become agitated by children being around. That DEFINITELY was not my Grandad. He always loved all of us around laughing not matter what. Sure we did get too loud sometimes... but hey... we learned from the best. Below is Chloe, Cameron and Colton.

Kim, Robert and Cameron made their regular trip to Lubbock! They brought along Melynda a family friend... Mimi was already here in Lubbock. Because Cameron is the youngest... and typically has to hang with the adults we always try to do something fun with him. This time we made Cake Pops. Cameron loves to cook... and my Grandad in the past has sometimes been the only one brave enough to eat the food. HAHA! But Grandad always finished his plate!

My Elly Girl ! Gets my HEART! I love all her silly faces. My Grandad made the FUNNIEST faces Ever... and he would have laughed so hard at this picture. No matter the situation he taught us to still laugh. Even at his sickest moments in the nursing home... he would make his silly face and wiggle his nose because he knew we would all laugh.

I am sure you can imagine we had plenty of these faces in the last few months!

So loosing my Grandad has been so hard... but in the hardest times God sometimes brings the BIGGEST blessings. Mine came in the form of Jaime! Let me just say this... I have NEVER laughed this hard in my entire life. He has been there for me through all of this... even when my emotions are all over the place!

Faith Factory!!! Heath Watts (our amazing friend) became the children's pastor at Church on the Rock... so Jaime and I somehow became Faith Factory Helpers! We LOVE IT! The kids are amazing... !!! Heath and Kelsey are such a huge part of our lives... such an encouragement! My Grandad would be right in the middle of the cup tower! He would have loved that!!! He was ALWAYS a kid at heart!

So along comes July 4th! I promptly invited myself to meet Jaime's parents! Yeah... I am not sure how I managed that... but I did. So off to Denver City we went. I LOVED meeting his family and they welcomed me in with open arms. Jaime taught me the art of plumbing... or at least taught me that if you keep digging eventually you will hit something. Now I will say this... my Grandad worked HARD his entire LIFE! He was always a perfectionist. I can still clearly see him folding clothes at the kitchen table... so that everything would be completely perfect! He definitely always worked to the best of his ability! I love that Jaime would get out there and work extremely hard to help his family!

Oh yes... the copper trick... that they will go together when you cross water. Supposedly it worked... but they did dig like 4 holes so I am not completely convinced.

Well.... what would life be without COMPLETELY turning back into a kid sometimes. My Grandad was the king. He did have his own toy box at age 60... so this was serious to him. Madi is the best at making me remember to laugh like a kid! I think this day we played school... with my hair like this! Only for you Madi!

Love this girl.... I could just squeeze her!

So .... there is my Roni Man (Cameron)! What a precious gift from God. There have been many moments in the last few months that I could not have lived through without my Roni. He made me smile when I thought there were not any in me. He was with us through everything with Grandad. From laughing... to singing... to crying.... to hugging. He didn't run away. He stayed .... I don't know how he did.... but I know why he did it! He did for his amazing mama, his mimi, his nana, and me! His joy is what pushed each of us through the last hard hard days! He is an AMAZING kid and I am blessed to have the opportunity to pour into his life!

So I know this was long but we are all caught up.... so now let's do this!!!!! I am ready for the next part of this journey!

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